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I’d like to thank you all for your care, commitment and help for my Dad (Farrell Hopwood) and all of your clients at The Wexford during these difficult times.

We do appreciate all of your efforts dealing with the challenges that the coronavirus brings each day.

Dave Hopwood

Just a not to let you know how happy I am with your organization and staff looking after my Dad. As he is aging and has had some health setbacks your people have stepped up and provided the care and compassion that have allowed him to maintain a really good quality of life. It is a great comfort to me to know he is being taken care of so well.

Doug McKinley

Ladybugz has been an incredible help to me. Because I live far away from my Mother, I need to be able to rely on Anna’s care-aides to not only be responsible, but also to be compassionate and be patient with her, and me. Ladybug’z goes beyond that. With Ladybug’z the worry is gone. I cannot thank them enough for helping us in all the ways they do.

Brigitta Dau

“I have known Anna Erickson for over 10 years.  During that time I have always been amazed at the level of enthusiasm she puts into everything she does. She is an honest, kind, caring and patient individual which shows whenever you see her helping the clients she works with.    As a business owner she is organized, imaginative and works efficiently even under stressful situations.   She demonstrates excellent leadership and training skills with her staff.  She enjoys meeting new people and has an infectious fun attitude which inspires the people around her to do their best and have fun while they are doing it. I would certainly recommend Anna for any situation where compassion, enthusiasm, hard work and trustworthiness are valued.”

Tracy Rogal, Virtual Assistant, Graphic & Web Design
Thank you so much for all your hard work and especially your kindness towards Mom in making her life easier and happier.  I see a big differences in her with her attitude and mood, and I attribute these positive changes to you and your care team.  Thanks so much.
Mom will love the dinner you have planned for her.  She needs to have this interaction and kindness and it is wonderful that you can offer that.”
David Kitts
“In 2012 my father, aged 84, was seriously ill and not expected to survive.  We were able to get him into care, which is the most intensive service. He has continued to improve to the point that he is now in assisted living, which is a two bedroom apartment in the same seniors home, but with assistance from Lady Bug’z who ensure he takes all medication, the apartment is kept very clean and generally his welfare is well monitored (he is diabetic) and supported.  He is very happy with the service.  I have peace of mind as I travel a lot.
He feels happy and cared for.  He goes out for lunch daily and is able to keep up with his friends.
I would have no hesitation to recommend Lady Bug’z.”
David Bibby
“Since the Ladybugz girls have come on board to care for my mother, they have continuously adapted to the ever increasing needs of my mom. The girls are always kind, caring and extremely competent when dealing with my mom’s needs, whether its dealing with her Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (PDU) machine, mom’s endless medications or just a simple task that makes mom feel better.  The girls are very intuitive to mom’s needs and go the extra mile to ensure mom’s health issues are addressed on a daily basis.
Anna’s capacity to communicate well with everyone involved in mom’s care is very much appreciated and her availability, flexibility and helpful suggestions  in regards to the ever changing care of my mom is reassuring to all mom’s  children, four in total, who are located throughout the Province and hours away.”
Forever grateful
Wendy Gayton
“Ladybugz provides a personalized and comprehensive service for my brother Bill.  Bill has Asperger Syndrome and is a kind and sensitive soul who requires his basic needs looked after, and also companionship and encouragement.
The Ladybugz’s team lead by Anna Erickson has brought joy into my brother’s life and for this I am deeply grateful.”
Ron Wouts